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New website

I am so happy to say that my new website is 99% completed. I have been working my my web designer and content creator for almost a year now and I am very happy with the results.

My new website offers clients a way to explore all varieties of the hair extensions that I offer. It also offers clients the opportunity to book and appointment directly through the site. My biography will give them a better sense of who I am and how I have gained my experience in hair extensions.

So please check it out and tell me what you think. There are a few photos that will be changed, and I am sure a few other changes that I haven’t yet anticipated. That’s why I need your feedback.

Below is a link to my site. Take a peek.


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I just completed a Keune introductory color class. I learned a lot about their permanent, semi-permanent and blonding line. I have been doing research over the last year on a variety of color lines, debating which line I should switch to and Keune checks all the boxes. Keune is a salon exclusive company, meaning that they only sell to professionals this is very important to me! Keune provides ample education opportunities both online and in person. Keune formulates all their products with the greatest of care not only for the health of the hair, and the health of the stylist, but also for the look and longevity of the color. Keune offers incredible grey coverage whether you want a translucent look or more opaque.

The options that Keune offers to blondes really blew me away as well. They have cream bleaches, clay based bleaches and powdered bleaches, each of them have distinct advantages. No more one size fits all color removal. Keune offers so many options!

Another important factor for me is the ability to order online. I am not the kind of stylist who goes to a supply store to purchase 2 tubes of this and 3 tubes of that. I want the entire line at my fingertips and I want a constant supply of it. I like to place large online orders using a carefully crafted list. Also, staying out of the supply stores saves me money on random impulse buys.

A big thank you to the educator today, Tyree Ward for taking the time to teach about Keune. I was very grateful to be in the midst of a class of stylists today to listen to their questions and hear their personal solutions. Now I need to find out more about that intro kit…

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How much do hair extensions cost?

This is the first step into hair extensions is establishing a budget to have them installed and maintained. The information I am providing is strictly for my business and it varies month to month depending on the hair supplier, texture, length and color this will give you a basic idea from which you can decide if this process will be affordable for you.

These are the options that you need to sort through before arriving at a price: 

1. Length: How long do you want the hair extensions to be? The longer it is, the more it costs.

2. Texture: What texture is your natural hair? Straight, wavy, curly, in-between? The texture of the extensions can enhance the natural texture of your hair but it needs to closely match it. 

3. Density: How much natural hair do you have? Is it fine, medium or thick? We have to at the very least double the amount of hair that you currently have; especially if you are wanting to add length and not just thicken your natural hair. 

4. Color: Do you want the color of your extensions to match your current hair color? Or will we be changing your natural color and enhancing that look with extensions. It is best not to color the hair extensions. They are available in so many colors that it is relitively easy to match them perfectly with the color on your head. Hair extensions are colored to last longer and resist fading. If the color is ordered correctly it will create a seamless transition between the natural hair and extension hair.  

5. Method of installation: Fusion, keratin glue attached to your natural hair. Tape-In, small flat wefts adhered using a double stick tape. Beaded, extension hair is attached to your natural hair using a small plastic coated bead looped onto the hair. Clip-In, wefted hair is temporarily attached to your hair using clips.

6. Maintenance: Each method varies in the amount of time between appointments and the amount of time spent during a re-glue. No matter what the method I charge $100 per hour for maintenance.

Cost: For the following assessment I will be using 14" straight brunette hair as an example. Keep in mind that anything longer, blonder or textured will raise the cost and possibly limit your method of installation.

All of these prices include the hair, the installation, a care and tips sheet and a extension brush.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Initial installation: 14" ,#4 ,Silky straight, $4500-1000

Maintenance: Re-using previously purchased hair, 1 1/2-3 hours @ $100 per hour, maintenance needs to be done every 4-9 weeks in order to avoid damaging the natural hair.

Pre-tipped Hair Extensions

Pre-tipped Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions:

Initial Installation: 14", #4, Silky straight, $500-1300

Maintenance: Re-using previously purchased hair, 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours @ $100 per hour, maintenance needs to be done every 6-10 weeks in order to avoid damaging the natural hair.

Beaded Hair Extensions:

Initial Installation: 14", #4, Silky straight, $500-1000

Maintenance: Re-using previously purchased hair,1 1/2-2 hours @ $100 per hour, maintenance needs to be done every 6-10 weeks in order to avoid damaging the natural hair.

Clip-In or Halo Hair extensions:

Initial Installation: 14", #4, Silky straight, $250-350 I will walk you through the proper installation technique to apply these everyday to your own hair. If necessary I can label or photograph proper installation techniques.

No Maintenance!!

Please contact me at 208-841-1090 to arrange a private, complementary consultation. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 



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Beaded Hair Extensions

I admit that I have been slow to convert. I have been fighting the bead craze. I can't fight it anymore. Beaded extensions have come a long way. They have further to go of course. The pre-tipped hair seems to still be wispy and wimpy at the ends. My clients feel that 3-4 strands of the beaded hair equals 1 of the fusion extensions. 

I am still searching for the ideal pre-tipped hair for beaded extensions. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Why am I suddenly sold on the beaded extensions? I attended the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. I was there specifically to look at extensions and talk with professionals about extension installation and removal. About one third of the convention was extensions. Of the 60 or so booths which were selling extensions I only came upon 1 that had fusion (glue) extensions available. The rest were tape-in, beaded, clip in or halo extensions. 

After returning from Las Vegas I ordered some hair and beads from a company that I have worked with many times and trust. I asked a trusting client if I could experiment on her hair with the beads. I installed them very quickly, about 5 minutes for a full back of head row. My client left the salon feeling like she had a lot less had ,but was willing to give it a try. 

One week later the client returned with a report for me. Bead verdict, positive, glowing in fact, except for one problem. She felt like she had no hair. Particularly when it was wet. So I removed the beads, 2 full rows out in less than 5 minutes! Oh my God! It was a miracle!!! After I removed them I petted my clients hair and said, there you go, those are all out now. 

"Are you kidding me?" said my shocked client "You find some more of that hair!"

So now I am on a mission to find the best, thickest, fullest pre-tipped strands I can find. 

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Balayage is booming at Blís Salon! We are switching clients from foils to hand painted highlights daily. 

What is the advantage? A beautiful pallet of colors, fantastic full grey coverage, bold visible highlights without the maintenance.

What is the process? Rather than selecting the portions of hair to be highlighted in a rigid, static manner, the hair is selected based on the movement and natural rhythm of the hair. Large pieces of hair are picked up and painted. This allows for a truly unique approach to each head of hair. 

This look can be as natural or bold as desired. Its perfect for someone who wants to experiment with highlights but doesn't want to deal with the grow out. 

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Wedding Hair

'Tis wedding season again. Since styling hair often seems out of reach for most women on their own I compiled a short list of step by step how to's. You can either practice these looks on yourself, show them to a friend and enlist their help in achieving the look, or show them to the professional stylist who will be doing your hair. If there are any more tutorials you would like please let me know and I will do my best to find them.

Things to consider when choosing a style:

What will the weather be like? If it's going to be too hot you won't want your all of your hair down.

What neckline does my dress have? Perhaps a up-do would best complement your lovely collarbone

Will I be dancing so hard that my hair will fall out of place? Hopefully. Best tip: Create a small ponytail in the middle of an up-do and anchor all bobby pins into the base of the ponytail. It will hold!

How good do I want to look? Completely smashing, of course. But not more beautiful than the bride. In fact steer clear of bridal styles to avoid looking like an attention whore. Also don't look like a whore. That's an image that never impresses the hosts.

I'm getting off track...

If you have very thick or very fine hair keep in mind that the style will look different on you. Thick hair, choose a somewhat sleeker style to successfully pin back a large amount of hair, or wear your hair down, even half down. Thin hair, choose a looser style where we can create volume with large pieces.

If you see any styles you like, just click on the picture and it will link you to the step by step instructions for the style.

Reese Witherspoon, Step by step tutorial

Reese Witherspoon, Step by step tutorial

Aveda, Interlaced Fishtail Braids

Aveda, Interlaced Fishtail Braids

Jennifer Lawrence, Up-do Step by Step

Jennifer Lawrence, Up-do Step by Step

Topknot, step by step

Topknot, step by step

Emma Stone, Twisted up-do, step by step

Emma Stone, Twisted up-do, step by step

Emma Stone, Gentle waves, step by step

Emma Stone, Gentle waves, step by step

Taylor Swift, Loose Up-do, step by step

Taylor Swift, Loose Up-do, step by step

Scarlett Johansson retro, step by step

Scarlett Johansson retro, step by step

Lauren Conrad's Beauty Department is the video below. I really like her videos. They are to the point, beautifully filmed and always reliable. There are a lot of them. Be sure to check a few out for hair styling tips.

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Boutique Salons

There are specialty salons popping up all across the country. These salons are catering to specific needs that their clients may have and also highlighting the specific talents that a stylist or a team of stylists cares about the most. Unfortunately none of these boutique salons exist in Boise, ID yet, but I am sure it won't be long.

Blow-out Bar

This type of salon specializes in a finished look. They specialize obviously in the blow-out which is a blow dry style that leaves your hair very voluminous, shiny and sexy for a couple days or one hard night! Some Blow-out Bar Boutiques are also offering extensions, up-dos, conditioning treatments, or skin care services. 

The convenience offered is a quick style, easy to obtain appointments most days of the week and trendy amenities, such as iPads or iPods at each station and espresso. Sounds fun! Check out this Blow Dry Bar in Scottsdale, AZ called Primp and Blow 

Color Bar

This is a salon specializing only in color. Many color clients feel the same way about what they want in their color. They want it cheap, they want it fast, they want it perfect and they want it to last. Certain salons are now catering specifically to the color market. They want to offer technically advanced haircolor done quickly. What is there not to love about beautiful haircolor that is affordable and uncomplicated?

By offering only color these boutique color bars are able to speed up the process of an appointment which translates to a lower bill for the client. For complete ease of access clients may not even have to book an appointment, just drift in when the mood (or the gray) strikes them.

Here's an example of a color only salon in Toronto, Canada called Color Lab 12.

Braids, Buns and Pony's

These salons offer a new menu of affordable services specifically for a finished look. So what is on the menu? Typically you will find about 20-30 different braid, bun and ponytail options, including trendier options like the sock bun or the messy bun. Since these looks can usually be achieved in 15-20 minutes and require little product the price will be low. Stylist also offer tips on how to re-create a simpler version of this for an at home attempt or tools to take home to re-create the look (i.e. the sock in the sock bun). Products are going to be a key element of styling any of these looks so be prepared to shell out more $ on retail than on the actual style itself. 

Here's an example of a Braid, Bun and Pony Style Bar called Lukaro in Beverly Hills, CA

So which one would you be the most tempted to try?

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Trash it or Treasure it?

I've recently read about a new kind of girls get together called a Trash it or Treasure it party. I've known that they existed for clothing but I had never heard of one with a beauty theme. You can read more about it at Sunnie Brook Beauty Blog. There are some important guidelines listed to let attendees know how to tell if the products you're interested in bringing could be expired.

I would totally take part in this party! However, I would only be interested in products that you can individually dram out i.e. not something that you have to dip into the jar for. This would exclude makeup that is pressed into a compact (blush, powder). I would also have to exclude any eye makeup because I just think that is gross. I would be inclined to rule out nail polish too, although I am told that the formaldehyde in it kills any bacteria or fungus I just wouldn't want to take the chance.

It would be perfect for trying out shampoo, conditioner, lotion (face or body), hair styling products, beauty treatments (face masks), self-tanners, bronzers, face wash, makeup brush cleaners, makeup brushes...the list is long. 

Because who hasn't a purchased beauty product that they have instantly regretted or immediately disliked? I know it isn't just me.



Also, let's exclude toothpaste and dental floss. You know somebody would try to bring that.

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Hair color during pregnancy

Hair color during pregnancy

To color or not to color during pregnancy? My first bit of advice to Mom's to be is if you are uncomfortable with this procedure then you should probably not do it. My second bit of advice is highlights or lowlights. With highlights and/or lowlights we can change the color of your hair, cover grays, bring you back to your natural color...so many options. To apply any of these options I use foil. Each piece of colored hair is contained within a thin sheet of foil which keeps it off of the scalp. Since your hair is not a living organ the application of color within the foils does not enter your bloodstream. There is another risk; the fumes that are released during the processing of the color can be smelled at the shampoo bowl momentarily. Other stylists working within the salon could be preforming treatments such as a perm or straightening treatment which also release fumes. 

However I have performed many color applications on myself and my clients during pregnancy and I have never seen any adverse side effects. I have also never heard any complaints from clients during or after their pregnancy. I would never suggest that a client who hasn't been receiving color consistently start a new routine. Go with your instinct and you will never feel bad about it. 

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5 phrases we want to hear

When a client sits in my chair, new or accustomed to me there are a few key phrases that I am looking for. 

  • "I brought a picture". Hallelujah! I know clients probably think that this is annoying but we speak different languages when it comes to color and cut. What one client describes to me a volume is really a complete straightening treatment. If she didn't have the picture I would have assumed the opposite. Same with Blondes and Brunettes, there are so many shades and a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • "I love my previous stylist". I've learned over the years that you do not want a customer who has just been scorned by a previous cut/color experience. Either they are just unhappy people to begin with or they are not very good at articulating their true desires (maybe they should bring a picture). There are obviously some exceptions to this rule, but haters are going to hate.
  • "I love to experiment with my cut/color". This is so great because it leaves a little wiggle room for play. This phrase does not mean that you want to put purple in your hair or cut it all off. It simply means that you know you will look smashing no matter what subtle changes are made to your style. Not experimenting with your hair is like wearing the same outfit everyday, reliable but boring. 
  • "What do you recommend"? To me this phrase conveys great trust in the confidence and professionalism of the stylist. I am constantly updating my education credentials and try to stay on top of current wearable trends so I can take you in the right direction. 
  • "I recommended my friend to you". This is the kindest statement of all. To know that you have been recommending my services is the best compliment of all. To me it means that not only do you enjoy your style and obviously are receiving compliments on it. It also means that you enjoy the experience of my salon and want others to have that too.

So put your trust in your stylist, experiment a little, just a tiny bit, if not with color or with cut than perhaps style would be a better jumping off point for you. There are infinite combinations to try. As Vidal Sassoon said "If you don't look good, we don't look good".

Modern Bob
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Brazilian Blowout

Curious as to what this treatment can do for you?

It can reduce your styling time dramatically. By smoothing the cuticle with a treatment it eliminates or drastically reduces your flat iron time in the morning.

It will reduce frizz. Wether your hair is curly or straight we all experience a bit of frizz that is disappointing. The keratin treatment will put the frizz on hold.

Re-texture your curly hair. It will not eliminate your curls, it will smooth and transform them. Depending on the results you desire I have a few different strength options to choose from.

Make you feel like a star! When you blow dry your hair and get to stop there without further styling or fussing with your locks you will feel like you have received a Hollywood blow-out for weeks on end.

Brazilian Blowout ZERO 

Brazilian Blowout ZERO 

Brazilian Blowout Original Acai

Brazilian Blowout Original Acai

Brazilian Blowout Boise
Brazilian Blowout Boise

I am running a special on the treatment through November. Let's book your appointment today. Just think of all the time you will save over the holidays.

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Going Blonde

Even though it is fall the blonde trend will not be going away. Blonde makes us feel good. It makes us feel young. It makes us feel tan. It makes us feel 10 years younger. Can everyone be blonde? No, but everyone can have some blonde added to their style. Here are some things to consider before you arrive at your next color appointment.
  • Your natural hair color: Were you blonde as a child? Perhaps your hair has gradually grown darker. Depending on how far away your hair color is now from the blonde you want will determine how much processing your hair needs to achieve the new you.
  • The condition of your hair now: Blonde doesn't have to be achieved with a bleach. We can create a palette of different blondes in your hair using high lift colors. They are less damaging and usually more natural looking
  • Has your hair been previously colored?: Depending on the artificial color that is in your hair we can determine how much lighter we will be able to achieve in 1 salon visit. Realistically you should plan on only being able to lift your hair 1-2 shades lighter per visit to avoid damage to your hair.
  • Maintenance: Blondes may have more fun, but they usually spend more time in the salon as well. The look of re-growth is not something most people desire. Plan on keeping your blonde refreshed at least every 6-8 weeks
  • Trends: Highlights and all over color are not the only options for blondes. If you are dying to have some blonde in your hair but you have naturally dark roots we should discuss Ombre. This option will allow your regrowth to look beautiful and natural while still having blonde tips. This trend is a wonderful way for everyone to experience blonde without trying to make it look natural.
Blonde Boise
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Alterna Caviar Repair RX

Seals and resurfaces the cuticle layer with a defensive shield that strengthens the strand to increase resistance to breakage while infusing hair with vital antioxidants to help prevent free radical penetration and other damage from occurring Read More
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LUSH Cosmetics

I stumbled upon LUSH Cosmetics when I was in Seattle recently. The exterior of the store called to me "come in, come buy something" so when I stepped in I was already excited. They have piles of fresh handmade soaps, creamy face wash bars, shampoo bars and all sorts of other goodies. The staff was very friendly and upon learning that it was my fist time in the store they gave me a quick run down of they products that they loved the most, although it seemed rather hard for them to choose. Another perk of the company is that almost everything is Vegetarian and quite a few products are Vegan. I can't wait to gift them to my friends for Christmas.

I was drawn to the facial products because I tend to have too many shower items already, but now I want a great deal more, o.k. I want everything. I am already planning my return to the store when I am back in February because I can't wait to get my hands on some of the fresh face masks that aren't sold online. I have actually had dreams about shopping here again, that's how pleasant it was. When I woke up I felt like a home-sick kid longing for the comforts of their familiar territory. So I felt the next best thing to fulfill that craving would be to place a on-line order. Here are a few of the items on my long list.

Sexy Peel, LUSH 

Big fragrant blocks of colorful soap. All Soaps are vegetarian. Most are vegan too. Try this one SEXY PEEL a combination of organic orange and lime juices. 

Curly Wurly, LUSH

CURLY WURLY is packed full of creamed coconut and coconut oil for healthy hair and scalp. It's also loaded with fresh eggs and hand mashed avocado butter to give moisture back to the hair

Big Shampoo, LUSH

BIG is a va-va-volumizing sea salt shampoo. Using a seaweed infusion and citrus juices for incredible shine and sea salt to de-grease hair and remove dead skin cells.

Ma Bar, LUSH

MA BAR Is a fresh handmade bubble bar for your bath or shower. This one is a scrumptious chocolate caramel scent with a lump of brown sugar in the middle.

Dream Cream, LUSH

DREAM CREAM is nothing short of a miracle product. This cream has been making skin care dreams come true for years now. It is a combination of lavender, chamomile, and rose absolute in a soothing oat milk base. You can use it all over your body and face. This is LUSH's number one best selling product of all time!!

Sacred Truth, LUSH

Fresh Handmade Face Masks: These masks are so scrumptious and fresh that they are only sold in the stores. They are stored in a mini refrigerator at each location and I was so sad to learn they couldn't be shipped because I would have purchased at least 4-5 more of them when on location. So if you ever do make it into a store, our closest locations are Salt Lake City, Portland, and Seattle, stock up. My favorite is SACRED TRUTH which is a brightening, restorative mask. It's so hard to choose between the 9 that they offer. Why not purchase all of them?

Tell me which products you would choose?

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Sombre is going to be the hottest hair trend this fall/winter. What is it? To explain I will have to start with Ombre. Ombre is a french word meaning graduation. In my world (the salon) it means a a base that is at least 3-4 levels darker than the ends. To most people it means I can have visible roots, long ones and bright pretty ends. It reduces your color maintenance, because "your roots" are visible and beautiful when you leave your appointment. If your natural color is lighter than your chosen base color, or you have grey hair this means that you can have every other appointment at the salon be a root touch up and the following appointment be a Ombre procedure. It's fun, it's beautiful, it's trendy but it's easy to carry off. You don't have to be 16 or have really long thick hair, or lots of money to spend on your hair.

Ombre on Rachael Bilson

Sombre takes the traditional process of Ombre and makes it a little more subtle, or subdued hence the S-Ombre. Kim Vo calls it the softer side of Ombre.

Why will this be so popular this season? Summer is over and obviously our hair is getting less sun so since we all want people to think our hair is just naturally this stunning and beautiful (yeah right) we want to steer towards a little bit of a darker sun-kissed look.

Sombre by Kim Vo

I was lucky enough to receive personal training from Kim Vo last night during an exclusive Webinar hosted by Behindthechair.com The class taught us how to achieve this beautiful effect in only 30 minutes application time, 10-15 minutes of processing and the rest is up to the customer (trim? style?).

Let's book you an appointment today and see how beautiful this would look in your hair. It can be done with lowlights too and also Red tones so we can really personalize it to your liking.

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Kevin.Murphy White Color Bug

I am eagerly waiting for my share of the Kevin.Murphy White Color Bug. It should be arriving in the stores next week! If you would like me to reserve one for you, let me know ASAP. I will only be able to get a few and they will be gone within days.

Here is what you can use it for:

  • Use as a base layer on dark hair, this will make the purple, pink or orange color bug brighter.
  • Use as a base layer on lighter color hair. It will make any other color on top look very vivid
  • Create platinum highlights on any color hair with no chemical damage.
  • Use on blonde root regrowth to disguise those roots and extend time between appointments.
  • Use as a dry shampoo in any color hair.
KEVIN.MURPHY Holiday White Bug

Here is the best application technique for pops of color:

  • Use a pomade as a base, it will hold the color longer and give the powder a substance to adhere to making the color brighter and more noticeable.
  • Section your hair, somewhat isolating the pieces that you want to color. You can do just the tips, or ends of a larger section of your hair, or individual long strands.
  • Take your favorite pomade, mine is Kevin Murphy Sticky.Business, grab a half dime sized amount, place it in your palm and rub your palms together. Rub them like your are applying lotion to just your palms, keep rubbing until the pomade is no longer white, but is clear in appearance.
  • Apply the pomade to your determined  sections by smoothing downward in the direction of the cuticle and sort of smearing the paste in like lotion for your hair.
  • Take the cap off of the color bug and place the colored chalk piece against your section, using your fingers apply pressure to the hair using the color bug as the backing. This will get a nice thick coating of chalk on the hair. Repeat until desired depth of color is achieved.
  • If you are going for a second color on top I would reapply the pomade to your hair and then repeat the application process, but don't make your hair look greasy with too much pomade.
  • Keep your hands off it for the rest of the evening and I would shy away from light colored shirts so you don't get residual color on them.
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Halloween Style

The Halloween weekend is upon us. What are you going to do? Who are you going to be? This upcoming weekend will be filled with adult and kid parties. So you have got to think of something. Here are a few simple and easily attainable costumes/makeup techniques.

Any of these quick makeup techniques will complement a black outfit or dress that you currently own. So no saying I don't know what to be.

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REVITA.EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator

Want a drug free way to achieve the thick full lashes that you so desire? This is the product that you need REVITA EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator. This product is proven through clinical research to grow eyelashes 25% longer in as little as four weeks. Many users also experience greater thickness and density. These results are achieved using a peptide complex, not a glaucoma like drug. Peptides are believed to work by stimulating the expression of keratin genes and by improving overall eyelid health..

Keratin is a sulfur-containing protein that forms the chemical basis of epidermal tissues such as hair, nails and eyelashes. DS-Laboratories uses their peptide complex to stimulate keratin genes to help boost the growth of natural eyelashes.

Why are my eyelashes so short? Unlike hair strands of the scalp, those of the eyelashes and eyebrows have a limited anagen (active growth phase), about 30-45 days, which explains why they are so short. Approximately 60-80% of eyelashes are in this phase at any given time.

When will I see results? In a clinical trial, visible results in density were achieved beginning as early as week 4. A panel of subjects tested found a 25% increase in eyelash length after 4 weeks .

How do I use it? For best results apply twice daily, morning and evening. Ensure that your face is clean and makeup is removed. Click the button to dispense the solution. Apply to the upper and lower lash line like you would apply eyeliner, a very discrete thin line. After several weeks of use you can switch to once daily application. 

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