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Sombré is a variation of Ombré. Ombré is the gradual blending of one color hue into another. Sombré is just a softer version of that gradation. In order to achieve a true Ombré there needs to be a difference of at least 4-5 levels on the color scale. On the hair color scale 10 is the blondest hair, 1 is the darkest hair. For a true Ombré, if the client's ends are a level 10 her roots need to be a 6 or darker. The Sombré color doesn't need to have that drastic of an effect. You can achieve a similar result with only a variation of 2-3 levels difference between the roots and the ends. This allows the client to try out a trend without having to commit to a drastic color process. Most of the focus will be on the ends while maintaining the depth and shine at the roots. 

I use the balayage method of application for both the Ombré and the Sombré method. Pictured below you will see that i am using a paddle to help provide a backing as I paint the highlights onto the hair. The process of painting the color on in large sections allows for the ends of the hair to receive a lot of color, which is crucial is achieving a successful Sombré. 

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Sombre is going to be the hottest hair trend this fall/winter. What is it? To explain I will have to start with Ombre. Ombre is a french word meaning graduation. In my world (the salon) it means a a base that is at least 3-4 levels darker than the ends. To most people it means I can have visible roots, long ones and bright pretty ends. It reduces your color maintenance, because "your roots" are visible and beautiful when you leave your appointment. If your natural color is lighter than your chosen base color, or you have grey hair this means that you can have every other appointment at the salon be a root touch up and the following appointment be a Ombre procedure. It's fun, it's beautiful, it's trendy but it's easy to carry off. You don't have to be 16 or have really long thick hair, or lots of money to spend on your hair.

Ombre on Rachael Bilson

Sombre takes the traditional process of Ombre and makes it a little more subtle, or subdued hence the S-Ombre. Kim Vo calls it the softer side of Ombre.

Why will this be so popular this season? Summer is over and obviously our hair is getting less sun so since we all want people to think our hair is just naturally this stunning and beautiful (yeah right) we want to steer towards a little bit of a darker sun-kissed look.

Sombre by Kim Vo

I was lucky enough to receive personal training from Kim Vo last night during an exclusive Webinar hosted by Behindthechair.com The class taught us how to achieve this beautiful effect in only 30 minutes application time, 10-15 minutes of processing and the rest is up to the customer (trim? style?).

Let's book you an appointment today and see how beautiful this would look in your hair. It can be done with lowlights too and also Red tones so we can really personalize it to your liking.

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