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Alterna Caviar Repair RX

Alterna Caviar Re-Texturizing Protein Cream

New product review: Alterna Caviar repair RX. I just received the new kit from Alterna and I started using it right away. I started with the Re-texturizing Protein Cream. This is a very lightweight leave-in overnight treatment. I dispensed a dime sized amount into my palms, emulsified, and applied to the ends of my hair. Much like the Alterna Overnight Repair leave-in treatment this cream disappears instantly into your hair. It is not greasy or heavy and after you rinse off your hands you can't even tell the treatment is in there so you can go straight to sleep, or not.

This cream is a deeply restorative treatment for coarse, porous or severely damaged hair. It helps to seal and reinforce the cuticle layer with a defensive shield that strengthens the strand to increase resistance to breakage while infusing hair with vital anti-oxidants to help prevent free radical penetration and other damage from occurring.

Alterna Caviar Instant Recovery Shampoo

Fast forward to the morning... After the usual routine I jumped into the shower to try some other items. I started with the Instant Recovery Shampoo. Both the shampoo and conditioner are restorative paraben, sulfate and chloride-free products. They transform severely damaged hair by intensely nourishing and repairing each individual strand. I dispensed a dime sized amount into my palm and thought, oh crap I grabbed the conditioner by accident, nope it is just a very creamy shampoo. So I emulsified it in my hands and applied to my scalp. I was surprised at how much later I got from it for how creamy it was. I really liked it immediately. 

I skipped the Instant Recovery Conditioner in favor of the Micro-Bead Fill and Fix Treatment Masque. This stuff is amazing. So Mico-beads? I was thinking great, that's something that's supposed to be in there but I just can't tell right? Wrong. Once I opened the lid and removed the protective covering I scooped out a quarter sized amount of product and thought oh joy! There were these teeny tiny little capsules in there. It looked like actual caviar in my conditioner. I isolated one and popped it, which was very easy to do. After emulsifying in my palms I applied it to my ends squeezing and rubbing my ends a little bit more than I normally would just to make sure all those little beads were able to work their magic. So here's the magic: This is a deeply restorative treatment with water-activated micro-beads. These micro-beads release a highly concentrated dose of strand building proteins. They actually help to restructure hair, filling in gaps and tears in each individual strand and smoothe the cuticle. This treatment masque works quickly, only three minutes recommended. After rinsing, drying and styling I could easily tell a difference in the softness and curliness of my hair. I wanted to put more of the Re-Texturizing Protein Cream in but thought I better wait until the evening.

Alterna Caviar Micro-Bead Fill & Fix Treatment Masque

Although I wouldn't describe my hair as severely damaged or coarse I haven't been getting the styling results that I wanted from it, so I knew something needed to be done.

 I will continue using the whole kit until its gone and report back on how lovely my locks have become. 

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