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Does this career make me look like an idiot? And thousands of other questions you can't articulate

Working title? Does it sound too mean? I think it's kind of catchy. 

I'm writing a book for cosmetologists, both potential and practicing cosmetologists. 

When I decided to go to cosmetology school this was a valid concern for me. I had already finished a Bachelors degree and it felt like a very major step backwards, even downwards. I had only been exposed to a handful of professionals in the world of cosmetology. These professionals showed me that a career in cosmetology could be classy, respectable, flashy. On the other hand I had personally encountered and avoided encounters with lots of trashy, disrespectful beauty industry "professionals". 

What guaranteed that I would be able to survive school without being dragged through the mud like all these other lame-o's? There wasn't a book to guide me though. There were no cliff notes. It felt like I was hanging on by the skin of my teeth at times.

Does this career make me look like an idiot? Will answer questions you didn't even know you should have. For example, Why is it that I can grasp Einsteins Theory of Relativity but I can't figure out how to cut a clients hair? Does hanging out with idiots make you dumber? What happens when I stop paying my student loans?

I'm sure you can hardly wait to get your hands on a copy. 


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Cosmetology School

Are you considering cosmetology school? Are you looking for answers on what it will be like? Wondering what the next year of your life will entail? You may also be wondering what it will be like for you after school is over and you are ready to start your career. Surprisingly there are few books on this topic. I'm working to change that. I want to give students and potential students the opportunity to research their career before it ever begins.  

Capturing the true cosmetology school experience can obviously only be done by someone who has been through school, which I have. I am also a professional stylist with 7 years in the industry now. 

I will cover many topics including these

  • How to date a school
  • How to tour a school
  • How to choose a school
  • How to get the best deal on pricing
  • What is included in your kit
  • What your first few weeks will be like
  • What the next few months will be like
  • How to make the most of your time in school
  • Re-examine the fundamentals of hair cuts and color from a real world perspective
  • How to get past the drama
  • What you should and shouldn't worry about when preparing for your state examinations
  • How to find a job
  • How to build a clientele
  • How to be successful as a stylist
  • Book-keeping and taxes for stylists
  • Bigger and better opportunities
  • And much, much more

So I need feedback. What other topics are there questions on? What resources so far have you found to answer your questions? 

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