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Trash it or Treasure it?

I've recently read about a new kind of girls get together called a Trash it or Treasure it party. I've known that they existed for clothing but I had never heard of one with a beauty theme. You can read more about it at Sunnie Brook Beauty Blog. There are some important guidelines listed to let attendees know how to tell if the products you're interested in bringing could be expired.

I would totally take part in this party! However, I would only be interested in products that you can individually dram out i.e. not something that you have to dip into the jar for. This would exclude makeup that is pressed into a compact (blush, powder). I would also have to exclude any eye makeup because I just think that is gross. I would be inclined to rule out nail polish too, although I am told that the formaldehyde in it kills any bacteria or fungus I just wouldn't want to take the chance.

It would be perfect for trying out shampoo, conditioner, lotion (face or body), hair styling products, beauty treatments (face masks), self-tanners, bronzers, face wash, makeup brush cleaners, makeup brushes...the list is long. 

Because who hasn't a purchased beauty product that they have instantly regretted or immediately disliked? I know it isn't just me.



Also, let's exclude toothpaste and dental floss. You know somebody would try to bring that.

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Favorite Sites

These are the sites that I check most days. Some give me inspiration, some give me comic relief, often they do both.

  • Cup of Jo- joannagoddard.blogspot.com - This site covers a variety of topics, motherhood, food, fashion, travel. The posts are short and frequently updated. The photography is amazing! There are lots of great links. She gives products away a few times a month. What I enjoy most about this site is that it's a great example of how to make money with a blog but still keep your blog relevant to the readers, not the sponsors. Always upbeat, always inspiring.
  • The Superficial, because you're ugly - thesuperficial.com - The tag line alone is enough to make me like this site. It's a online gossip magazine that is updated multiple times per day. Written from a male perspective bringing a fresh and smart mouthed commentary on the Hollywood elite. Filled with the things you wish you would have the courage to say if you ever met any of these celebrities. I will be eternally thankful for the posts on Jon Hamm (look it up).
  • Jezebel- Celebrity Style, Sex, Fashion for women without airbrushing - jezebel.com - A bold look at all things trending from a consistently female point of view. Jezebel provides a platform for writers who aren't afraid to express their opinions on just about anything, politics included.
  • Martha Stewart - marthastewart.com - A perennial favorite. I use this site for cross referencing and inspiration. Her iPad apps (Cocktails, Smoothies, Cookies, Scrapbooking) are so fun and easy to use and her iPad magazines (Everyday Food and Living) are hands down the best digital magazines, completely interactive and seasonally themed. Kudos to the staff at Martha Stewart Omnimedia for keeping ahead of of the current media trends. 

So check them out for yourselves. Let me know what you think. Tell me what sites inspire you.

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5 phrases we want to hear

When a client sits in my chair, new or accustomed to me there are a few key phrases that I am looking for. 

  • "I brought a picture". Hallelujah! I know clients probably think that this is annoying but we speak different languages when it comes to color and cut. What one client describes to me a volume is really a complete straightening treatment. If she didn't have the picture I would have assumed the opposite. Same with Blondes and Brunettes, there are so many shades and a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • "I love my previous stylist". I've learned over the years that you do not want a customer who has just been scorned by a previous cut/color experience. Either they are just unhappy people to begin with or they are not very good at articulating their true desires (maybe they should bring a picture). There are obviously some exceptions to this rule, but haters are going to hate.
  • "I love to experiment with my cut/color". This is so great because it leaves a little wiggle room for play. This phrase does not mean that you want to put purple in your hair or cut it all off. It simply means that you know you will look smashing no matter what subtle changes are made to your style. Not experimenting with your hair is like wearing the same outfit everyday, reliable but boring. 
  • "What do you recommend"? To me this phrase conveys great trust in the confidence and professionalism of the stylist. I am constantly updating my education credentials and try to stay on top of current wearable trends so I can take you in the right direction. 
  • "I recommended my friend to you". This is the kindest statement of all. To know that you have been recommending my services is the best compliment of all. To me it means that not only do you enjoy your style and obviously are receiving compliments on it. It also means that you enjoy the experience of my salon and want others to have that too.

So put your trust in your stylist, experiment a little, just a tiny bit, if not with color or with cut than perhaps style would be a better jumping off point for you. There are infinite combinations to try. As Vidal Sassoon said "If you don't look good, we don't look good".

Modern Bob
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Creating an experience you crave

What is it about the salon that leaves us wanting more? What is it about any business that makes us want to return? The product, or end result is ultimately the reason for the visit, but it's all the small courtesies that make the big difference. So let me tell you what you have been missing at Platinum Beauty Lounge by having your hair done elsewhere.

Prior to your arrival you will receive a e-mail, text, or phone call reminder, whichever you prefer.

Platinum Beauty Lounge Boise, ID
  • You are offered a beverage from our lounge area. We serve beer, wine, tea, hot chocolate, white chocolate mocha, vanilla caramel coffee, regular coffee, soft drinks and ice cold water.
  • A proper consultation is conducted.
  • Enjoy a hand or scalp massage
  • Superior massage and rinse at the shampoo bowl
  • Bang up service in color, cut, and/or extensions
  • Attention to detail
  • Bombshell blow-dry and style
  • Detailed information about the products that would work perfectly for you
  • Speedy checkout and rebook
Call now to book your holiday appointments! Limited space is available. 208.841.1090
Platinum Beauty Lounge located on 1020 W.  Main St
Jennifer Bridges station Platinum Beauty Lounge Boise, ID
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Female Bartender Equivilant

According to some of my best clients, this is what I am. I don't mind the title, in fact I kind of enjoy it. I am a neutral party that will help to give you perspective on any given situation. I can also do it while you are under the influence of alcohol if you choose. That's right, we serve beer and wine. As much as you want while your paying to sit in the chair, just like a bar. I am also a Libra according to my astrological birth chart so I have a tendency to veer towards neutral at all times, it works for me. Most of my clients I have known for 7 years or longer so i do have the advantage of knowing quite a bit of backstory. I guess I'm not completely neutral, just unbiased towards your "real life" I only see the parts you want to show me. Here is my advice on getting people to talk to you like a bartender.

  • Agree with most of their story. They want an audience, not an argument.
  • Don't try to make plans with them following a divulgence of information, they silently panic when they realize that you now know something too personal and could be considered an enemy
  • Keep the conversation going by asking questions like, "what does he/she think about that?", or "How did that make you feel?" 
  • Don't start telling your own version of their same story. They want to talk way more than listen
  • You have to actually enjoy what they are telling you. I pretend it's my life for a minute and see myself in that situation to make it really interesting
  • Know that it takes time to build a relationship of trust. You're not going to get the good stuff the first months, perhaps even years.
  • Keep the secrets. If you must re-tell them in anecdotal forms protect the privacy of everyone in the story, which means you might not be able to tell it.
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