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Hand Tied Weft

I was invited to attend a 3 day training in Seattle with Aqua hair extension company. At the training we learned everything “hand tied weft” related. We learned how to install, remove, and maintenance the beautiful Hand tied weft products that Aqua retails. These wefts are so gorgeous and delicate they are truly a work of art.

The 3 day intensive class also allowed me to meet 14 other incredible stylists who are also working part to full time at installing and maintaining hair extension. It was so nice to have some in person conversations with stylists who are dealing with the same problems that you are, and to find some new solutions.

Aqua’s method of hand tied installation differs from other brands of professional hair extensions. Aqua takes the health of the client’s hair very seriously and wants to help the stylist to keep the natural hair intact, without adding stress or pressure at installation points. The health of the hair is a number one priority!

If you are curious about the Aqua method I am able to show you in person. You can either book a consultation with me or if you are with a salon you can convince some of your team members to go in on a full day class.

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That’s my girl xoxo

That’s my girl xoxo

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Balayage is booming at Blís Salon! We are switching clients from foils to hand painted highlights daily. 

What is the advantage? A beautiful pallet of colors, fantastic full grey coverage, bold visible highlights without the maintenance.

What is the process? Rather than selecting the portions of hair to be highlighted in a rigid, static manner, the hair is selected based on the movement and natural rhythm of the hair. Large pieces of hair are picked up and painted. This allows for a truly unique approach to each head of hair. 

This look can be as natural or bold as desired. Its perfect for someone who wants to experiment with highlights but doesn't want to deal with the grow out. 

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