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Hand Tied Weft Educator

It’s official I am an educator in the Hand Tied Weft method. I have completed all of the training and job shadowing that Aqua has asked me to do. I completed my third class in Idaho Falls last week.

I initially felt that 3 classes plus the 3 day training that we had in Seattle was overkill but I do now realize how important all of those classes were. All of my shadow classes were hosted by a different educator which was an experience in itself because everyone has their own teaching style and everyone absorbs and gives information differently. Also meeting all the different class attendees helped me to realize the variety of skill levels that turn up to these classes. There is a broad mix of total amateurs, intermediate’s and professionals. They all have different needs.

I am so happy to have the extensive training that Aqua provided me both directly and indirectly. This past summer has been a whirlwind of Hand Tied Weft experience. I started 2019 not knowing a thing about Hand Tied Weft and I am ending it with over a hundred hours of training and a new handful of trusted hair extension colleagues that I can turn to for advice and inspiration.

I am teaching a Hand Tied Weft class all by myself on 10/6 at Kiwi salon in Boise. If you are a stylist who would like to attend please contact Melissa Dancer through Salon Service. She will get you registered, but you better hurry there are only a few seats remaining.

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