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Bliss Boise

Our lovely salon has endured another change. The name has changed from Blís to Bliss Boise. Another big change is the product line. As of June 1st we will no longer be an Aveda salon. We will continue to offer only the highest quality and environmentally responsible products. 

Katherine Dunkley can be reached for appointments at 208.859.8514

Jennifer Bridges can be reached for appointments at 208.841.1090

The salon address is still the same 713 N Garden St 83706

We look forward to having you in the salon to serve your hair needs. Have an incredible day!

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Beaded Weft Extensions

I am happy to offer a new installation method to clients, beaded weft.If you are looking to add a lot of hair in minimal time with minimal maintenance this could be the method for you.

Beaded weft uses the same high quality Remy hair that every installation client demands. A weft of hair or a track of hair is the original method of hair extension installation. We are talking old school installation. In the 80's and 90's black women and eventually white women had horizontal rows of braids done in the back of their head. The weft or track of hair was then sewn to the braided row. The problem with the traditional method of installation is that the braid put unnecessary pressure on the scalp. The weight of the weft also put additional stress on the scalp. Additional problems, the braids had to be redone with every install and the thread used to sew the weft to the braid would often break.  Fast forward to 2017 and we have a new method of installation the Beaded Weft. With the new method the weft is temporarily clipped to the clients hair, a small section of hair is taken from above and below the weft and placed into the bead. The bead is placed up close the scalp, then crimped. Once all the beads are placed around the length of the weft, the temporary clips are removed. Typically there are between 2-4 rows of weft installed. See the video below for a more detailed explanation of the process. 

Beaded Weft Advantages: 

  • Large amount of hair for minimal price
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Super quick maintenance
  • No glue, tape, or braids
  • High quality hair in any color, texture or length

Pricing: This will vary based on the length, texture and color desired. On average the price is between $350-600. 

Maintenance: Beaded Weft Extensions have a huge advantage when it comes to maintenance. The appointment can be as quick as 30 minutes. The bead is simply un-crimped and slid up, then re-crimped. Occasionally a bead will have to be replaced. 

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How much do hair extensions cost?

This is the first step into hair extensions is establishing a budget to have them installed and maintained. The information I am providing is strictly for my business and it varies month to month depending on the hair supplier, texture, length and color this will give you a basic idea from which you can decide if this process will be affordable for you.

These are the options that you need to sort through before arriving at a price: 

1. Length: How long do you want the hair extensions to be? The longer it is, the more it costs.

2. Texture: What texture is your natural hair? Straight, wavy, curly, in-between? The texture of the extensions can enhance the natural texture of your hair but it needs to closely match it. 

3. Density: How much natural hair do you have? Is it fine, medium or thick? We have to at the very least double the amount of hair that you currently have; especially if you are wanting to add length and not just thicken your natural hair. 

4. Color: Do you want the color of your extensions to match your current hair color? Or will we be changing your natural color and enhancing that look with extensions. It is best not to color the hair extensions. They are available in so many colors that it is relitively easy to match them perfectly with the color on your head. Hair extensions are colored to last longer and resist fading. If the color is ordered correctly it will create a seamless transition between the natural hair and extension hair.  

5. Method of installation: Fusion, keratin glue attached to your natural hair. Tape-In, small flat wefts adhered using a double stick tape. Beaded, extension hair is attached to your natural hair using a small plastic coated bead looped onto the hair. Clip-In, wefted hair is temporarily attached to your hair using clips.

6. Maintenance: Each method varies in the amount of time between appointments and the amount of time spent during a re-glue. No matter what the method I charge $100 per hour for maintenance.

Cost: For the following assessment I will be using 14" straight brunette hair as an example. Keep in mind that anything longer, blonder or textured will raise the cost and possibly limit your method of installation.

All of these prices include the hair, the installation, a care and tips sheet and a extension brush.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Initial installation: 14" ,#4 ,Silky straight, $4500-1000

Maintenance: Re-using previously purchased hair, 1 1/2-3 hours @ $100 per hour, maintenance needs to be done every 4-9 weeks in order to avoid damaging the natural hair.

Pre-tipped Hair Extensions

Pre-tipped Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions:

Initial Installation: 14", #4, Silky straight, $500-1300

Maintenance: Re-using previously purchased hair, 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours @ $100 per hour, maintenance needs to be done every 6-10 weeks in order to avoid damaging the natural hair.

Beaded Hair Extensions:

Initial Installation: 14", #4, Silky straight, $500-1000

Maintenance: Re-using previously purchased hair,1 1/2-2 hours @ $100 per hour, maintenance needs to be done every 6-10 weeks in order to avoid damaging the natural hair.

Clip-In or Halo Hair extensions:

Initial Installation: 14", #4, Silky straight, $250-350 I will walk you through the proper installation technique to apply these everyday to your own hair. If necessary I can label or photograph proper installation techniques.

No Maintenance!!

Please contact me at 208-841-1090 to arrange a private, complementary consultation. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 



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