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Fusion Stylist

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NIA Shampoo and Conditioner
  • DS Laboratories' function is to deliver breakthrough technologies and create solutions that combine the latest clinical research with cosmeceuticals for maximum effectiveness, safety, and customer satisfaction. DS Laboratories' products are for those who truly want to experience immediate and profound results for specific conditions.

Repair and Strengthen

  • Deep Cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Instant removal of residue and buildup
  • High-molecular-weight compounds reinforce and restructure the cuticles to keep hair strong and eliminate split ends
  • Maintains hair and scalp health to revive natural shine and color


  • Moisturizing agents penetrate the cortex and moisturize hair from within
  • Helio-hydrating technology binds keratin to hair for instant detangling and faster styling, straightening and drying.
  • Continuous conditioning properties increase radiance, silkiness, body and shine


  • Anti-aging and blocking properties
  • Special compounds form a protective biological film to protect hair against UV rays, dust, smoke and pollution
  • Keeps hair safe from harmful environmental agents for the longest-lasting vibrant color and shine