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Have you tried this procedure? It is an injection of a sclerosing agent into spider veins. The agent chemically damages the vein from the inside causing the vein to clot. The clot is then absorbed (aka disappears) into the body over several weeks to months. This causes the spider veins to disappear. Potentially it can take 3-5 treatments to completely dissolve the vein. But it is very successful.

So what are the drawbacks?

  • Cost, if you can find a deal it can be purchased for $100-$175 per treatment. A "treatment" varies from clinic to clinic some charge this for a 15 minute session. Some clinics consider injecting both legs completely one "treatment". Also medical grade compression stockings are required post treatment to help your legs heal
  • Pain, the feeling of the injections is similar to bee stings. One session can include 1-100 injections depending on how many spider veins you are treating. There isn't much pain post treatment, just a general aching, swelling sensation. Only the pain of knowing how much money you paid to feel this way and how much more you will have to spend.
  • Healing, the healing process takes a minimum of 3-6 months. Unfortunately those veins don't instantly disappear, they very slowly dissolve and usually more than one treatment is required. With 6 weeks between treatments x 3 treatments you are usually looking at a minimum of 6 months before you feel like you have perfect legs. Post treatment while healing you have very bruised looking legs which for me means no shorts. This series of treatments are generally done in the winter. 
  • Limitations, sclerotherapy only works on small superficial veins, not larger vericose veins. The treatment for the larger veins usually requires laser treatment which is outrageously expensive.

I can't wait until this treatment is out of date and replaced by something that delivers instant results and is able to treat more than just spider veins. Its ridiculous to think that anybody should have to spend thousands of dollars to have "normal" looking and feeling legs.

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