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Gifts that no girl wants

You're thinking, great Christmas is almost here and I had better get something for my gal, but I have no ideas. Well let me steer you far away from these ones. 

Psychic fair

A gift certificate for a psychic. This will only make us ask questions about your future, or better yet our future without you in it.

Camelback hydration pack

Camelback hydration pack

The hydration pack that you want for yourself because you found such a sweet deal on it. Nope, don't want it. I actually had this happen to me. 

Richard Simmons

Bad workouts we can do at home. Really any at home exercise motivation will be taken the wrong way. If your girl is really into exercising already get her a gift card at a local exercise store.

Act like a lady think like a man

Self help books in general are a bad, bad gift idea. This has got to be one of the worst, especially if it's given to a woman from a man.

Kay Jewlers

Ugly jewelry. This is the biggest waste of money. Honestly I have never met a woman who is just longing for any pre-designed piece of bling from Kay jewelers. Their slogan "Every kiss begins with Kay" is enough to make any girl throw up in their mouth a little. Don't do it.

Kegel Bells

Kegel weights. Let's face it guys, you are never going to have the sex life of your dreams, and neither are we. Lugging home vaginal dumb bells are definitely going to decrease your odds of getting any closer to that dream.


Household cleaning gifts are the lamest. Come on. If you really feel like your house needs a new vacuum get it for the family or for yourself, but do not buy this as your wife, girlfriend, lover gift. Unless it is the most bad ass vacume (Dyson) and attached to it is a note saying "I will be doing the majority of the vacuuming this year, so you can catch up on your self-help books or kegel exercises".

Colon Hydrotherapy Kit

Do it yourself Colon Hydrotherapy kit. This is the worst by far. Although I think it would make a great white elephant gift. I just liked the picture. 

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