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Kevin.Murphy White Color Bug

I am eagerly waiting for my share of the Kevin.Murphy White Color Bug. It should be arriving in the stores next week! If you would like me to reserve one for you, let me know ASAP. I will only be able to get a few and they will be gone within days.

Here is what you can use it for:

  • Use as a base layer on dark hair, this will make the purple, pink or orange color bug brighter.
  • Use as a base layer on lighter color hair. It will make any other color on top look very vivid
  • Create platinum highlights on any color hair with no chemical damage.
  • Use on blonde root regrowth to disguise those roots and extend time between appointments.
  • Use as a dry shampoo in any color hair.
KEVIN.MURPHY Holiday White Bug

Here is the best application technique for pops of color:

  • Use a pomade as a base, it will hold the color longer and give the powder a substance to adhere to making the color brighter and more noticeable.
  • Section your hair, somewhat isolating the pieces that you want to color. You can do just the tips, or ends of a larger section of your hair, or individual long strands.
  • Take your favorite pomade, mine is Kevin Murphy Sticky.Business, grab a half dime sized amount, place it in your palm and rub your palms together. Rub them like your are applying lotion to just your palms, keep rubbing until the pomade is no longer white, but is clear in appearance.
  • Apply the pomade to your determined  sections by smoothing downward in the direction of the cuticle and sort of smearing the paste in like lotion for your hair.
  • Take the cap off of the color bug and place the colored chalk piece against your section, using your fingers apply pressure to the hair using the color bug as the backing. This will get a nice thick coating of chalk on the hair. Repeat until desired depth of color is achieved.
  • If you are going for a second color on top I would reapply the pomade to your hair and then repeat the application process, but don't make your hair look greasy with too much pomade.
  • Keep your hands off it for the rest of the evening and I would shy away from light colored shirts so you don't get residual color on them.
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How to Choose a Shampoo

It's a daunting task, even for me because there are just too many options. Even if you decide that you like a brand they usually have 10-20 different options for you to choose from. Why so many options?

First of all you have to decide what it is you are struggling with, let me give you some examples

  • You want cleaner hair
  • You want bigger hair
  • You want skinnier hair
  • You want more hair
  • You want your hair to be less frizzy
  • You want you hair to feel less dry
  • You want to protect your color
  • Your scalp itches or you think you might have some flakes
  • You don't know what you want but you just don't want to spend too much or buy cheap shampoo.

Lucky for you most higher end shampoos are multi-taskers so you may only need one or two in your arsenal to satisfy your needs all year round. 

These are the products my clients are purchasing the most of...

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash: This is a product that helps your hair become bigger, fuller, more voluminous. Often considered a volumizing shampoo but it is so much more. It protects that beautiful color you have in your hair. It helps to heal and repair any damage that is happening to your hair, and unless its a pixie cut there is damage. This shampoo also helps to control frizz and reduce breakage. I'm sure you're dying to use it already.

DS-Laboratories Revita Shampoo: If you are concerned with hair loss, hair thinning, or excessive shedding, this is the shampoo for you. This hydrates, feeds, and stimulates the hair follicle to reactivate the growth cycle that is either too short or lying dormant in the follicle. This will also help protect your color and prevent damage although if you are struggling with frizz you might want to consider rotating this in with your other shampoo.

DS-Laboratories Dandrene: If your scalp is occasionally itchy or you are seeing some flakes this is the product to try. Not only does it calm inflammation and itching but it helps to rid your scalp of the fungi (I know it sounds gross, but everybody has fungi on their scalp, sometimes it just gets out of control) and control excessive oil on your scalp. It also calms inflammation and itching so you won't feel embarassed by those flakes. 

Kevin Murphy Maxi-Wash: If you want your hair clean, like really clean, squeaky clean this is the shampoo for you. It will remove product buildup without removing color. It will remove chlorine from blonde hair, it will remove all the sweat from dancing, the stale club smell, the old hairspray and glitter leftover from the weekend. It removes buildup of chemicals that you didn't even know were there. It also contains a natural antiseptics to detoxify the hair and scalp.

Kevin Murphy Born Again: This is an ultra rich moisturizing shampoo for tortured or chemically dehydrated hair. It is wonderful if your hair feels crispy, dry, lifeless, dull or in general uncooperative. We all have our days. This shampoo acts like a conditioner. Also if you feel like your hair has too much body or fly away feeling it is craving moisture and this might just be the drink it needs.

If you have other questions concerning other brands or problem you are experiencing with your shampoo please let me know and I will guide you towards a wise choice.

Side note: Don't ever purchase a 2 in 1 shampoo, they don't exist, it's a myth.

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