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Fishtail Braid


This braid is a beauty! It looks complicated, and it is the first 4-5 times you try it, but then once you get it you will always use it. I'm sure that you've noticed by now braids are big, and they are so easy so why shouldn't they be?

Items needed: 2 pony tail holders, large toothed comb or brush, pomade, hairspray, patience and shoulder strength.

1. Brush or comb your hair away from your face towards your soon to be ponytail. Make sure to smooth out any bumps or ridges that will be bothersome. Let go of your hair.

2. Pomade up: Take a small (dime sized or less) amount of pomade and emulsify it in your palms; pretend that you're going to wash the palms of your hands with it.

3. Smooth your hair back into the ponytail evenly distributing the pomade across the top of your head and down through your ends (dirty hair makes for good braids). Apply elastic to secure ponytail smoothing and gathering right smack in the middles of your head or lower at the nape of your neck so the braid will cascade down one side and over your shoulder.

4. Divide ponytail into two even sections. Starting on your left side; grab a small piece of hair from underneath the left section at the base of your ponytail. Wrap this small section up, around and over and then join it with the right section, it is now a prt of the right section. Now the right side. Grab a small piece of hair from underneath the right section at the base of your ponytail. Wrap this section up, around and over the right section and then join it with the left section. It is now a part of the left section. 
Repeat these two steps continuously until you reach the bottom of the ponytail. 

5. Secure with small elastic ponytail holder. Beautiful.

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