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Going Blonde

Even though it is fall the blonde trend will not be going away. Blonde makes us feel good. It makes us feel young. It makes us feel tan. It makes us feel 10 years younger. Can everyone be blonde? No, but everyone can have some blonde added to their style. Here are some things to consider before you arrive at your next color appointment.
  • Your natural hair color: Were you blonde as a child? Perhaps your hair has gradually grown darker. Depending on how far away your hair color is now from the blonde you want will determine how much processing your hair needs to achieve the new you.
  • The condition of your hair now: Blonde doesn't have to be achieved with a bleach. We can create a palette of different blondes in your hair using high lift colors. They are less damaging and usually more natural looking
  • Has your hair been previously colored?: Depending on the artificial color that is in your hair we can determine how much lighter we will be able to achieve in 1 salon visit. Realistically you should plan on only being able to lift your hair 1-2 shades lighter per visit to avoid damage to your hair.
  • Maintenance: Blondes may have more fun, but they usually spend more time in the salon as well. The look of re-growth is not something most people desire. Plan on keeping your blonde refreshed at least every 6-8 weeks
  • Trends: Highlights and all over color are not the only options for blondes. If you are dying to have some blonde in your hair but you have naturally dark roots we should discuss Ombre. This option will allow your regrowth to look beautiful and natural while still having blonde tips. This trend is a wonderful way for everyone to experience blonde without trying to make it look natural.
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