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Bliss Boise

Our lovely salon has endured another change. The name has changed from Blís to Bliss Boise. Another big change is the product line. As of June 1st we will no longer be an Aveda salon. We will continue to offer only the highest quality and environmentally responsible products. 

Katherine Dunkley can be reached for appointments at 208.859.8514

Jennifer Bridges can be reached for appointments at 208.841.1090

The salon address is still the same 713 N Garden St 83706

We look forward to having you in the salon to serve your hair needs. Have an incredible day!

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Blís Bio

Hello I’m Jennifer Bridges. I have 12 years of experience in the salon environment. I consistently expand my knowledge in the service industry by working with a broad variety of clients and independently researching trends, customs and product lines.

I am an expert in the hair extension industry and the hair color industry.  I have 4 years of experience exclusively with the Aveda color line. 

At Blís I provide a streamlined approach to serenity. I know what makes you feel good because I listen. Blís is my safe haven, come make it yours.

I am currently booking appointments in hair cut, hair color and hair extensions. Please visit my website www.aliitlehairhelp.com for further information on the cost and maintenance of hair extensions. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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