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Sephora Airbrush set

Airbrush makeup is so awesome! Did you ever go into Sephora when they were doing their airbrush makeup systems and have them try it on you? I did. It was remarkable. Unfortunately it cost over $200 and then there was the cost of the refills. 

I was thankfully introduced to the airbrush brushes that are made by Sephora amongst other manufacturers. These brushes create a flawless makeup application. I mean seriously flawless. You have to have the right foundation consistency; a moisturizing liquid foundation is best (Urban Decay NAKED is my fave). 

To start I pump 2 pumps of foundation on the back of my hand. I dip the edge of the largest brush into a corner of the foundation, and start to move it across my face using circular sweeping motions. I keep going back to the foundation and placing it on my face until it is all gone. Keeping with the circular motions I blend the foundation in until it looks really natural and actually like my skin is perfect. Then I follow up with the next largest airbrush and gently swipe across the forehead, around the cheeks and at the hairline and neckline to make sure everything is blended. 

Next I squeeze a tiny amount of NARS Orgasm illuminator onto the back of my hand and grab the next size down of airbrush. Using the same circular sweeping motions I apply the illuminator across my cheekbones and onto my temples. 

Sephora airbrush Set

Sephora airbrush Set

NAKED skin foundation

NAKED skin foundation

NARS Orgasm

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