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Favorite Sites

These are the sites that I check most days. Some give me inspiration, some give me comic relief, often they do both.

  • Cup of Jo- joannagoddard.blogspot.com - This site covers a variety of topics, motherhood, food, fashion, travel. The posts are short and frequently updated. The photography is amazing! There are lots of great links. She gives products away a few times a month. What I enjoy most about this site is that it's a great example of how to make money with a blog but still keep your blog relevant to the readers, not the sponsors. Always upbeat, always inspiring.
  • The Superficial, because you're ugly - thesuperficial.com - The tag line alone is enough to make me like this site. It's a online gossip magazine that is updated multiple times per day. Written from a male perspective bringing a fresh and smart mouthed commentary on the Hollywood elite. Filled with the things you wish you would have the courage to say if you ever met any of these celebrities. I will be eternally thankful for the posts on Jon Hamm (look it up).
  • Jezebel- Celebrity Style, Sex, Fashion for women without airbrushing - jezebel.com - A bold look at all things trending from a consistently female point of view. Jezebel provides a platform for writers who aren't afraid to express their opinions on just about anything, politics included.
  • Martha Stewart - marthastewart.com - A perennial favorite. I use this site for cross referencing and inspiration. Her iPad apps (Cocktails, Smoothies, Cookies, Scrapbooking) are so fun and easy to use and her iPad magazines (Everyday Food and Living) are hands down the best digital magazines, completely interactive and seasonally themed. Kudos to the staff at Martha Stewart Omnimedia for keeping ahead of of the current media trends. 

So check them out for yourselves. Let me know what you think. Tell me what sites inspire you.

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