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E Salon

Have you heard of E Salon? Its an interesting concept. I found the site through some bogus ad that was pretending to be a complaint from hair stylists who supposedly hate this product. I don't hate it, and I'm not worried its going to put me out of business. There's so much more to what I do as a stylist than applying root touch ups. Truth be known I do them to myself at home too, so there is no shame in trying to hide those greys in secret. Anyway E Salon is a online haircolor company that custom blends either a demi-permenant or permanant haircolor that you can apply to yourself at home. I couldn't get exact details on the price but it's between $20-25 plus shipping. I'm also not certain how many applications are in each mixed bottle. But supposedly the bottle has it's name on it so that's a big selling point with this company. Another cool feature is that they will review a recent picture of you to make sure that the color and tone you have selected will really be appropriate. 

Honestly I would try it, but I know how to order color, if I didn't I would have been confused by finding my custom blend on the website and I probably would have made my way through the ordering process and then stopped at the last minute before ordering because I would have been afraid of making a monumental mistake. Then having to pay for a color correction, which you do not want to do.

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