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Fall means lots of birthdays, including mine!! What makes you feel good on you birthday? Is it a phone call from a friend, a specially chosen gift, nobody remembering your birthday (that's only nice after the age of 35)?

Well here are some suggestions for a few good gifts:

For the friend who is into their skin: Dry brush and almond oil


For the friend who loves to make smoothies: PB2, powdered Coconut Water, Berries and this amazing Smoothies book

For the friend who loves technology: iTunes gift card, c'mon who doesn't want this?

For the friend who you want to spend more time with: Concert tickets to any show and drinks beforehand.

For the friend who has kids: Bose noise canceling headphones would be ideal, but they are expensive. For a quick substitution may I suggest earplugs and a bottle of wine. 

For the friend who never wants to spend money on themselves or anything else: A magazine subscription! It will make them feel loved all year, just choose the topic you think they would like best. Or if you want to irritate them choose a subject they don't like at all and have them suffer 12 times a year when they receive it.

For the awkward pre-teen who already has everything but thinks they have nothing: I find that more is really more in this circumstance. They want big gifts, but they want a lot of gifts equally as much. I like to get one gift that they really want like a video game, or a awesome cell phone case and surround it with mediocre but thoughtful gifts like, MIO water enhancer, gum, nail polish, chapstick (but my lips hurt real bad...) Maybe even some cold hard cash if you're so inclined. The key to remember here is that there is no way you can pick out something cooler than this pre-teen can pick out themselves, don't even try.

For your Dad: Powertools, a tablet or a home cooked meal are tops on men's lists.

For your Mom: Brunch of course, or a good book, a sentimental card, a framed photo of yours truly . 

There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.
— Jerry Seinfeld
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