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Curly Girl

Have you heard of the curly girl method? It is a "new" way of treating your curl locks with a old school twist. Basically you aren't supposed to use silicones of sulfates in your hair. Which apparently I am somewhat unknowingly addicted to. I didn't know it until I started having withdrawl symptoms. I am now on week two of this curly girl method, which is when it is supposed to magically transform from blah to fab. So I'll keep you posted on when that happens. Let me go through the basics with you.

  • Purchase a Deva Curl trial kit. You can usually pick one up for $35-50. It includes 5 products and a hair drying towel. It will be enough to last two to three weeks.
  • Forget about every other styling product you have purchased or loved for at least two weeks to give this a try.
  • Sit back and wait for amazing results to happen. Meanwhile apologize to your hair for ever straightening it or cursing those curls. You want them back and this time you will never stray (fingers crossed).
Curly Girl: The Handbook
By Lorraine Massey, Michele Bender
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