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5 ways to thicken your hair

If you're born with fine or thin hair then chances are you are wishing that you had more of it. Or perhaps your hair has become thin due to childbirth, hormonal changes or stress. I wish mine was longer and thicker. So here are some tricks that I have compiled to make it look and feel like there is more. A tromp loi, or a trick of the eye. 

  • Products: Kevin Murphy: full again (small amount of density) requires blow drying to achieve full effect. Body Builder, used at the roots to give you amazing volume! Blow drying also required. Powder puff, no blow drying required!You sprinkle this like a salt shaker at your roots to get that backcomb base at your roots, but you can use it anywhere on your scalp, just sprinkle and tousle with your fingers. All products available at Kevin Murphy.com
  • Pull it up: People can't tell exactly how much hair you have when it's pulled up. You can make it look thicker by applying some of the product (listed above) pulling it up into a high ponytail and then pinning then loose pieces into the ponytail to look like a bun. This works with both curly and straight hair, but it should be at least shoulder length.
  • Extensions: With extensions not only can you add thickness, you can add length. If you have a set of clip-in's then you can use them to thicken your hair whenever you want. The fusion applied extensions will thicken your hair both day and night. Ill cover both methods in detail in my post later this week. 
  • DS-Labs: To actually strengthen, thicken and in general make healthier your hair and scalp, I recommend DS-Labs products. They contain the highest quality ingredients and the latest technology available on the market. You will see results, less hair loss, and the most amazing thing, new hair growth! To start I recommend the Revita shampoo and Revita COR. conditioner. I would also recommend a scalp targeted treatment Spectral RS, DNC or DNC-L depending on the severity of your condition. 
  • Wigs, caps, hair pieces: A lot more people are wearing these than you would suspect. They have really come a long way. To start you should decide on a budget (they range from $25-$500ish), a color, texture (wavy, straight) and wether you want real human hair, which can be curled, straightened, colored. Or synthetic hair, which cannot be heat manipulated. The synthetic hair is much less expensive but it is so shiny that it's obvious it is fake hair. My advice, try a cheapie, see if you like it, see how you can work it, then invest in the real hair. A stylist who specializes in hair extensions will be your best bet in finding a option that suits you perfectly, plus they will usually cut to blend making it a seamless transition.
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