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New blog! Go figure, just as soon as I start getting something figured out (blogging) I go and try to make it more complicated. I've changed platforms already, I know, I know, my two or three current subscribers are going to have to just find me again, but I think it's going to be worth the switch. Let me tell you why...

Logan, Julia and Cheyenne up waaaay too late

Logan, Julia and Cheyenne up waaaay too late

  • I can easily add pictures, quotes, videos, different fonts, cool stuff. So I am hoping that people would actually enjoy and come back to my blog. 

Justin Beiber crew is finishing casting their #Believe tour. In addition to the traditional casting call He is reaching out to his online community. Dancers are asked to submit their audition videos by August 17th. The sooner the better. Im voting for this guy. 

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