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Can't Explain What I Don't Know

You can’t see tomorrow with yesterday’s eyes
— Ryan Adams

My heart was broken on Friday morning at approximately 12:00 PM along with most American's, or anyone around the world who loves someone. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school was news that nobody wanted to hear. I watched President Obama's speech with tears in my eyes wondering why this happened and when another shooting would happen again. Most people I spoke with regarding the events wondered what they could do to help the victims families and what could be done to prevent another tragedy such as this from ever happening again. Of course there are no real answers, only opinions, speculations and bold conclusions, none of which made me feel any better. 

So how do we move forward? How do we protect our children? Our friends? Our parents? Our community? I feel powerless. I feel a sense of dread knowing that everyday in America children, teenagers and adults play combat and warfare games annihilating anything in their path, just for fun. I cringe when I hear people say that events like these actually encourage them to buy a weapon. I am numb when I read the statistics of how many American's own guns. 

There is no solution. No way to rid America of assault weapons. No chance of eliminating the violence that is present in movies, video games and fantastic news reports. All I have is love to give and receive, but that just doesn't feel like enough. 
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