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Fall Makeup Colors

With the change of seasons it is necessary to go through your wardrobe and fish out all the summer stuff (thin tanks tops, sandals, shorts) and pack them away until next year. Then take out all your fall/winter items (sweaters, long sleeves and boots) and arrange your closet so they are accessible. Along with the wardrobe transition should come a makeup transition. It doesn't mean that you need to completely change your makeup routine, it can be as simple as adding a few new items to your collection. My key picks are lip color, blush and a few new eyeshadows. So what are the trends this fall? Lips: Deep berry stains in either a gloss or matte application. Or a shimmery lighter pink (think frost on berries). The matte lip is in right now. You can achieve this by using a lip color you already have and gently blotting it on your lips rather than smearing it on in the usual fashion. Eyes: The purple smoky eye is a great trend this season. If your not into the smoky eye look try adding purple as a top liner or using purple as a sheer accent to your usual eye makeup. Cheeks: Deep pink is a great choice. Since your summer tan is fading you will want to add a bit more color to your cheeks than you normally would. Also a little bronzer will help to extend that warm low all over your face. Below is a video by Refinery 29 which cover some of the techniques that you can easily include in your fall makeup routine. 

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