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Hair extension questions answered. Trends explored before you commit to them. Products tested and reviewed.


The Pros and Cons of Extensions


  • You can have the hair of your dreams within hours
  • Your hair will be longer and thicker than it has ever been
  • Nobody has to know they are extensions, yes they can be that good
  • Everyone will give you compliments on your hair
  • Every style will look better, the ponytail, the braid, the up-do
  • You will feel at least 10 years younger
  • You get to see me more often
  • You will find yourself trying new styles you were never able to
  • Your man friend will adore it
  • Your girlfriends will be totally jealous and want their own
  • 100% human hair mean unlimited heat styling


  • Can be costly, depending on installation method chosen
  • Average maintenance appointment is 2-3 hours
  • Takes time to get used to doing all that new hair
  • You cannot run a comb or brush through your hair the way you used to
  • Because you look so much younger you will get carded all the time
  • Once you have them you will never want to take them out
  • You will want to tell everyone about your extensions but also want people to think it's your natural hair
  • You will need to wash less, condition more and apply a deep conditioning treatment somewhat frequently.
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